Indonesia Expedition 2006

David, Dr. Wood and I recently returned from MarineBio’s expedition to Indonesia where we spent two weeks in the Lembeh Strait and the Bunaken National Marine Park shooting underwater photos and video for We’re slowly getting over our jet lag and adjusting to life on terra firma again – not an easy thing after two weeks of nonstop diving in one of the most biodiverse underwater regions in the world.

Overall, the expedition went well and we came back with around 2,000 photos and several hours of video. We were surprised that the visibility in Bunaken only averaged about 40 feet and are trying to figure out why we didn’t see the 100 foot+ visibility we expected. There was quite a bit of plastic and other debris in the water; we’re hoping that it’s not pollution that’s causing the legendary clear waters of Bunaken to cloud, but the small particles in the water looked more like fibers than plankton. In spite of the low viz, the diving was still pretty spectacular and we saw lots of cool critters, particularly during our time in the muck diving capitol of the world – Lembeh Strait. Continue reading