Resolution time

100 Ways to Make a Difference

We are all consumed with our busy lives simply trying to make a living and find some pleasure in between while often feeling overwhelmed and helpless from the continuous sad news about diseases, famine, violence, social injustice, natural catastrophes, toxic health risks and the deterioration of the environment around us. So we try to forget, push the issues out of our mind and not address them—at least until a problem becomes a crisis. Our tendency to be reactive instead of proactive is all too common but it can be dangerous, if not downright self-destructive—there is a better way.

In the interest of self-preservation and the preservation of our own species we can all try to make smart choices everyday based on their consequences on our environment. We must change many of our habits, starting with some simple daily decisions, if we’re to protect and restore our shared environment. Surprisingly, most changes will save us money and help create a healthier environment for all of us to live in. Can I get a “Yes We Can!“? Continue reading

The Case of Animals versus Man

David recently posted a thought provoking article in the Plankton Forums that was written by David W. Orr and published in Conservation Biology. I thought I’d post it here as well for your entertainment and for some food for thought for the end of the year.

The Society for Conservation Biology is an excellent organization and their publications are top notch. I highly encourage those of you unfamiliar with them to check out their work.

The Trial

I once asked the students in my introductory environmental studies class to assume they were the attorneys representing Homo sapiens before a Congress of all Beings as once described by Joanna Macy and Jonathan Seed.*

The charge against us reads something like the following: Continue reading

Mother Jones devoted to marine conservation

Mother Jones has a section devoted to marine conservation that includes a number of excellent articles and FAQs on critical issues such as:

* Not Enough Fish in the Sea: The causes and consequences of overfishing
* How to Catch a Fish: Modern methods are more efficient than ever–and more destructive
* Catch as Catch Can: Millions of marine animals are killed “incidentally” every year
* Aquaculture: Fish farming offers a solution to overfishing; but is the environmental cost too high?
* Who’s In Charge Here? Government and the ocean
* Marine Pollution: How the ocean became a toxic waste dump
* Development: Are we loving our coasts to death?
* Coral Reefs: There’s still time to save some reefs, but just barely

For these articles and more see:

Another great holiday gift idea

If you’re one of those people, like me, who have so much “stuff” that you really don’t want or need anything for Christmas, ask your friends and family to support a good cause in your name. is a nonprofit organization that you can support with tax-exempt donations. A gift to us would help us cover our increasing hosting and development costs, and would greatly help us get more species launched and more content online. When you consider that MB reaches more than 300,000 people each month, you can be certain that you are making a difference when you make a donation to You’re helping us show and teach people about the wonders of the ocean and marine life so that they can develop a strong appreciation and desire to protect it. Continue reading

Be a Seafood Steward

Monterey Bay Aquarium has an excellent library of resources available on its website to help you get on board with the sustainable seafood movement through its Seafood Watch Program. They offer a variety of multimedia training materials including a DVD Seafood Watch Training Presentation and other materials that you can use to help educate your friends and colleagues about marine conservation and the importance of sustainable seafood.

This time of year is an excellent opportunity to spread the word as you gather with friends and family over the holidays. Use your holiday menus as an opportunity to prepare dishes with sustainability in mind. Your buffet can serve as a visual aid! Continue reading