Resolution time

100 Ways to Make a Difference

We are all consumed with our busy lives simply trying to make a living and find some pleasure in between while often feeling overwhelmed and helpless from the continuous sad news about diseases, famine, violence, social injustice, natural catastrophes, toxic health risks and the deterioration of the environment around us. So we try to forget, push the issues out of our mind and not address them—at least until a problem becomes a crisis. Our tendency to be reactive instead of proactive is all too common but it can be dangerous, if not downright self-destructive—there is a better way.

In the interest of self-preservation and the preservation of our own species we can all try to make smart choices everyday based on their consequences on our environment. We must change many of our habits, starting with some simple daily decisions, if we’re to protect and restore our shared environment. Surprisingly, most changes will save us money and help create a healthier environment for all of us to live in. Can I get a “Yes We Can!“? Continue reading