See SharkWater – The Truth Will Surface

Sharkwater is a film about the overexploitation of sharks around the world, and the senseless cruelty involved in shark finning.

Check out these fascinating clips and excellent interview with the filmmaker Rob Stewart:

And there are more clips on the movie’s homepage:

You can take action to save sharks on the associated shark conservation site: fully supports these efforts and applauds filmmaker Rob Stewart for bringing attention to this very serious issue and encouraging people who see the film to take action.

Currently the movie is playing throughout Canada and will begin showing in US theaters in Fall 2007.

NY and DC underwater as the sea rises

From the May issue of Vanity Fair: What Manhattan might look like if sea levels continue to rise. Photo illustration by John Blackford; original photograph by Cameron Davidson. Related article: “While Washington Slept,” by Mark Hertsgaard.

What Washington, D.C., might look like if the Greenland ice sheet melted completely. Photo illustration by John Blackford; original photograph by Jason Hawkes/Corbis:

The global warming debate is over

The global warming debate is overUNITED NATIONS – NATIONS UNIES

UNFCCC Executive Secretary says significant funds needed to adapt to climate change impacts (Brussels, 6 April 2007) – On the occasion of the launch of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) assessment of present and future impacts of climate change, the UN’s top climate change official has pointed to the potential danger of climate change triggering conflicts over water, the spread of diseases and an increase in world-wide migration unless adequate adaptation measures are developed and integrated into long-term development planning. Continue reading

Biodegradable plastic bags – a good solution to protect sea turtles? No.

We just read the following post in a seaturtle listserv in response to a reader who was optimistic about an article she read on a new “biodegradable” plastic bag.

turtle eating plastic...I don’t care how many so-called biodegradable plastic bags are put on the market – the best solution is to bring your own bag. It’s a great habit to get into. I keep a stash of them in my car so they’re always there when I do some shopping. And there are added benefits. I bring my own bag to Trader Joes and each time they enter my name in a weekly drawing for free groceries. Now that’s commitment to the environment on the store’s part, and a darn good incentive for customers! Continue reading