“Endangered” is confusing?!

First Japan, now China. Not that the US is much better in terms of wildlife conservation, but I don’t understand how this can continue to happen. It’s sickening. Isn’t part of what life is all about is leaving the planet a better place than you found it for future generations? Are people who “get that” really that much in the minority? And are exotic animals really that necessary as a form of protein? They cannot possibly taste good. It’s a status thing, and that’s even more disgusting.
baby leatherback
Leatherbacks are critically endangered — and there were 44 of them on one small boat, a huge number when the species is depleted to such an extent, being smuggled into China.

‘Noah’s Ark’ of 5,000 rare animals found floating off the coast of China

· Cargo of abandoned vessel destined for restaurants
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