Earth Week is Easy

A Global Map of Human Impacts to Marine Ecosystems

We can all change our behavior for a week, or a day — why not Earth Year? Or Earth Decade? Or Earth Millennium! I know, Earth Day/Week is a good opportunity to raise awareness. So… why didn’t I blog last week? Because I was too busy swapping incandescent for fluorescent light-bulbs? Because I was composting? No… because I was in a conference at a large downtown Atlanta hotel where, being aware of the fact that it was Earth Week, I cringed at all the excess. Continue reading

Out of Africa – back to reality

So in case you’re wondering why MarineBio’s blog seems to have been neglected, it’s because I was in Tanzania. Though I was there for a meeting, I did take a day to explore Tanzania’s beautiful scenery and wild life. From the windows of our Toyota Camry-like car, we saw — zebras, giraffes, warthogs (so ugly they’re cute), buffalo, baboons, gazelles… all in a span of a quick 2-hour tour of the Arusha National Park. I was thinking about how cool I was for going on “safari” (seriously finger quoting here) in a fuel-efficient vehicle instead of a gas-guzzling 4-wheel drive SUV — safari utility vehicle. Ok, ok I’ll stop — it’s just that I really resented being in such an amazing place for a meeting and having to rush back to the US without enjoying more than 2-hours of the fantastic wild life there. Continue reading