Caribbean Monk Seals Declared Extinct

This is the first seal whose extinction is attributed specifically to human causes. I’m afraid the cousins of the Caribbean monk seals, the Hawaiian monk seals and the Mediterranean monk seals, are next.

The word “extinct” is so upsetting. It’s final. When it becomes reality, like for the Caribbean Monk Seal, the word is like a kick in the gut. For me, this is particularly true for many marine creatures because their decreasing numbers are less visible than those of animals on land. And the ocean is where life began. It’s terrible to think that many marine animals have survived and evolved for millions of years — but because of human activity, they’re vanishing from places were they once flourished. This is not a legacy I want to leave for future generations. Seems our Plankton Forum members feel the same, as does David who said in the Plankton Forums this morning: Continue reading