You can love the ocean and seafood too…

Ocean and seafood lovers unite and spread the word. There is such a thing as sustainable seafood. And organizations such as SeaWeb’s Seafood Choices Alliance and Charting Nature are here to tell you all about it.

Charting Nature donated 100 copies of their informative and beautiful Seafood Guide posters. The posters are available in fish or shellfish and come in two sizes 12 x 36 inches or 24 x 36 inches. The beautifully illustrated posters are designed to help consumers choose sustainable seafood. The posters were illustrated by renowned artist Brenda Guild Gillespie and the informative content was compiled by the Seafood Choices Alliance. These posters are not only packed with information, they are works of art that would be beautiful in any kitchen — home or commercial. Continue reading



I can’t bear the ignorance any longer. Spread the facts: SHARK FIN SOUP IS BAD

Because travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, I often watch the Travel Channel to travel vicariously when I’m not traveling myself. There’s a show that I find interesting for its glimpse into off-the-beaten-path cultures, but not so much for its main focus – the consumption of “bizarre” food. Unfortunately, a recent episode featured the show’s host eating a bowl of shark fin soup – and enjoying it. I didn’t see the episode, but I’m guessing he didn’t mention the plight of sharks while he slurped the soup and allegedly enjoyed it.

This is irresponsible on behalf of the Travel Channel and on behalf of the show’s producers and host. They passed up a perfect opportunity to advocate for sharks rather than contribute to their depletion by promoting the consumption of shark fin soup, which I hear doesn’t taste that great anyway. It’s a status thing. Ugh. Continue reading

First Do More Harm?

Once again, I’m abandoning MarineBio’s policy of striving to remain politically neutral. What is with the Bush administration? First it’s “hey! let’s drill offshore to trick people into thinking it will lower gas prices — it won’t do any good, but my buddies in the oil industry will give me another atta boy!” Now it’s “endangered schmangered — who gives an endangered species behind about endangered species?” Continue reading

Good news about the plight of corals?

I just came across this quote in an interview with International Society for Reef Studies President Richard Aronson on SeaWeb and was immediately inspired to share it with you:

The main thing that I would advise scientists, conservationists and the public to do is to take heart, be courageous and don’t give up on coral reefs and the rest of the marine environment. A lot of people get compassion fatigue, which is to say they are continually bombarded with what is wrong with coral reefs so they feel like giving up. But there are some things going right with reefs, both ecologically in terms of recovery of some coral populations, and in terms of conservation and policy initiatives.

If you are a scientist, manager, policymaker or concerned citizen, think for yourself. Formulate your own opinions, follow the science, read all you can about the issues and don’t follow the latest self-proclaimed ideological leader. Think about it all with a view as to what can we do to help save coral reefs. Continue reading