Feeling crabby in these uncertain times

It’s kind of a freaky time in the good ole US of A lately. First, we have this bail-out plan brewing. That federal funds have to be used to bail out Wall Street scares the blank out of me. Then I find out watching the national news that half my inheritance was lost on Wall Street a few years ago. Seriously. But…life’s not all about money right? Or is it: Continue reading

Is Palin Failin’?

This woman scares me. The way she proudly announced during the GOP convention that her husband is “a lifelong commercial fisherman … a production operator in the oil fields of Alaska’s North Slope” sent chills down my spine. That plus the fact that she’s way too inexperienced and young for this job and was obviously chosen strategically in a move that removed any last shred of doubt that I would vote for Obama.

So today we see this press release from The Center for Biological Diversity that Governor Failin (sorry, can’t help myself) is being awarded the 2008 Rubber Dodo Award: Continue reading

They’re swarming… and it’s scarier than fiction

Back in my younger days, I worked a brief stint in the men’s department of Macy’s. I quickly bonded with one of my co-workers, and our giggle-fests ultimately got us both fired – much to our joy. I first noticed him when he was standing near me during a one-day sale and there were throngs of bargain-hungry customers. He said “Look! They’re swarming!!” Since then, the word “swarm” has always cracked me up. Continue reading