How well do you know the ocean?

Oceana Press Release
February 23, 2010
Contact: Kevin Connor
D: 202-467-1910
C: 202-467-0630

How well do you know the ocean? Test your Ocean IQ at and win prizes including a trip to Baja California, Nautica apparel and a Nintendo Wii.

Washington, DC — Many people live near the ocean or spend vacations at the water’s edge, but what do they really know about the deep blue sea? Global nonprofit Oceana today launched the Ocean IQ Quiz at, allowing quiz takers to better learn about the world’s oceans and rewarding those who display the greatest depth of knowledge on ocean science and marine animals. Participants have a chance to win prizes including Nautica apparel, a Nintendo Wii and the grand prize of a trip to watch sea turtles in the wild. Continue reading