The Japanese shark fishing industry

75 tons of blue shark laid out on the dock in the Japanese fishing port of Kesen-numa City, July 6th, 2010. The day before, 44 tons of blue shark, ten tons of salmon shark and three tons of short fin mako were seen here… this happens 6 days a week, all year long… Continue reading

Check out the TEDx Oil Spill conference

TEDx oil spill conferenceIf you haven’t already, check out the TEDx Oil Spill conference. It was held/streamed live on June 28 from Washington DC and featured an impressive number of speakers including Sylvia Earle, Carl Safina, Philippe Cousteau, David Gallo (Woods Hole), Andrew Sharpless (Oceana) and many others on the oil spill, the future of energy, and what this event means for our blue planet. The oil spill is a call to action for all oceans. Topics include mitigation of the spill and the impending cleanup efforts; energy alternatives; policy and economics; as well as new technology that can help us build a self-reliant culture.