Sustainable seafood – there’s an app for that

Sustainable Seafood apps bring seafood consumption with a conscience right to your phone!

I’m notoriously behind the times when it comes to mobile technology. When I finally got a “smart” phone I had fun playing Tetris for a few hours, then stupidly went back to using it as just a phone.

So I’m a little late to the party on this – but in case you are too – sustainable seafood apps. What fantastic apps! I can now tossrecycle my crinkled, waterlogged wallet card from Monterrey Bay Aquarium/Seafood Watch.

The Blue Ocean Institute has the FishPhone app for iPhone and if you’re not on the apple train, you can text your menu choice to see its conservation status. Just text “fish salmon” or “fish tuna” to 30644 and you’ll get a text message back ranking the fish’s sustainability and information on toxicity from mercury and PCBs.

FishPhone appFishPhone app

I’m not on the apple train, so I recently downloaded Monterrey Bay’s Seafood Watch app (also available for the iPhone) that uses GPS to ID your location and give you recommendations for sustainable seafood in your area.

Seafood Watch appSeafood Watch app
Seafood Watch appSeafood Watch app

Both the Blue Ocean FishPhone and Seafood Watch apps are free. If you’re willing to invest $1 you can download Safe Seafood’s app, which ranks seafood sustainability from a variety of sources and gives them a green, red, or yellow “light” according to their conservation status.

Safe Seafood appSafe Seafood app

If you haven’t already, go get the apps for yourselves, try them out, tell all your friends and let us know which one you like best.

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