Anilao Critters 2015

Anilao Critters 2015 from Robert Suntay.

“Here’s a little something to start off your year underwater: frogfish, cuttlefish, pipe horse, spider crab, mantis shrimp and more! The water is sooooo coooooold! But that’s what these critters seem to like! Special thanks to Marcie Melton for spotting the beautiful juvenile hairy frogfish!
Music: Dive by Tycho.”

Watch in HD and fullscreen for the best experience.

3 thoughts on “Anilao Critters 2015

  1. It is this stuff that really gets me pumped to be pursing my degree. Seeing the world, the world most people never see, in action is amazing. The underwater life, the diversity it has, is so beautiful. I hope to be part of a generation that begins to once again realize the value that we should place in the world oceans.
    Regardless of your interests or your mindset, it has to be hard to argue that the Ocean is not the most interesting place on our planet. So much diversity, so many organisms, and this video does a great job to highlight a small portion of that elegant beauty.
    What a video.


  2. It’s the amazing work being done by the MarineBio Conservation Society and videos like these that are on the front lines of marine species cconservation and sustainability.