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TritoniaSeeking Marine Biologists or Marine Life Scientists
MarineBio is currently seeking marine life and conservation academics/professionals to serve on our board of advisors. Each advisor is given the title of Director for the area of his/her expertise. For example, Erich Hoyt and Dr. James Wood are Directors of Marine Mammals and Cephalopods, respectively.

These are volunteer positions. Once we're funded we will compensate our board of advisors for any work above and beyond what's possible in their volunteer capacity.

Each Director of a marine species group is responsible for creating and suggesting new content or updates to content on the MarineBio Network concerning their area of expertise. Board members are also expected to promote MarineBio's work through their contacts and networks. In exchange, MarineBio will promote the work of each Director as much as possible and/or desired.

We are currently looking for Directors for the following marine groups:

Marine Birds
Marine Fishes
Marine Reptiles

No HTML knowledge is required, MarineBio staff will handle all site updates and/or contributed content. Email David Campbell at or call us at +1 (713) 248-2576 if you're interested.

The following content is made available specifically available for marine life scientists. Please contact us with any suggestions.

Relevant Journals
We list and describe the scientific journals we recommend and periodically review for information concerning marine life on our Relevant Journals page.

Throughout the site we link to various useful online resources concerning marine life.

We describe many of those and other research tools on our Marine Life Research Tools & Methods page as well.

Our main species database starts at the Marine Species Search Engine page with advanced searches available on the same page at /search/advanced/.

An outline of all sections and pages on is present on our Site Map page.

Every species page has feedback links below the "Feedback?" heading (located just below each specie's References & Further Research group ) that allows visitors to send us an email about any errors or mistakes they may find for each specific species. Feel free to send us feedback at anytime. We're committed to making the information on the MarineBio Network as accurate as possible and appreciate your comments.

Species launches and various content work is constantly underway and we announce new pages on the What's New? page.

Expeditions are discussed at /research/expeditions and Expedition Galleries are located at: /gallery.

The contributors and interns who have helped make Marinebio great are listed on /marinebio/contributors and volunteer and internship information is located at /marinebio/internships.

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Feedback & Citation

Start or join a discussion below about this page or send us an email to report any errors or submit suggestions for this page. We greatly appreciate all feedback!

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