2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill

William Colgin / EPA / April 30, 2010

The Gulf, particularly on the Florida panhandle, is where I grew up on the ocean—as often as possible from Atlanta, Georgia. It’s where my love of the ocean began and where my commitment to marine conservation began. This spill might be a small problem compared to some of the issues the ocean is facing, but it’s heartbreaking nevertheless. Why? I think Carl Safina of the Blue Ocean Institute says it far better and with far more knowledge than I can: Continue reading

No offshore drilling… stop oil speculation

So David suggested that I blog about topics that are a bit, meatier, than say… reusable bags. I love those bags! Particularly after stuffing my pockets with water-inflated plastic bags and other jetsam and flotsam in a remote sea in Indonesia. And, I get excited when I see companies doing something good for the planet. Continue reading